From conception to completion of the Website Redesign Project for Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI), Stone Interactive Group尽最大努力以一种吸引人的方式讲述我们的故事, informative and innovative manner. Mark Lipowski at stone took our outdated, flat, mundane website and transformed it into an on trend, clean, crisp and engaging experience for our visitors. Stone Interactive Group的方法非常专业, yet they gave us an attentive personal touch. They were willing to work within our budget and ensure our team had some autonomy over website maintenance. Their ideas and guidance helped the staff here become more knowledgeable on website management and our affiliates, 求职者和客户都对十大正规棋牌网站的新外观和感觉感到惊讶. I would work with Stone again in an instant.

Hyundai Automotive Technical Group (HATCI)

“Stone is a trusted partner and undeniable asset”

Stone是我们值得信赖的合作伙伴和不可否认的资产. Their positive energy and willingness to go the extra mile is truly refreshing and admirable. We consider them a part of our team.

PSI Repair


Hunter Ed


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Stone on a few custom SEO campaigns to help us keep pace with competition. They approached these projects with a collaborative attitude and really took the time to listen to our needs. The solutions Stone presented were just the right fit and we always felt we were in knowledgeable and capable hands. 我们还在追踪这些活动的统计数据, 我们已经看到这种搜索引擎优化工作在搜索引擎排名结果证明是有益的. 我们很高兴能找到斯通这样一个伟大的合作伙伴.

Rehmann Financial

“The website is outstanding!”

Thank you for the job well done. The website is outstanding! Stone I.G. "言出必行,言出必行". 你的业务很专业,也很正直. 我们期待着在下一个项目中与您再次合作.

SAM Systems, Inc.

“We found what we were looking for”

Having just completed a major building project, 博物馆需要一个十大正规棋牌网站来代表我们的新形象. We went looking for a company that would take the initiative to understand the importance of visual imagery and historical significance of a museum. 我们知道我们不可能有一个“千篇一律”的十大正规棋牌网站. With Stone, we found what we were looking for — a creative staff who worked with us to develop a look and web presence that could be easily updated, and had the creative flair we were seeking. Stone completed the project on-time and on-budget and just take a look at our beautiful website!

Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History

“I would recommend them to any company”

Stone Interactive Group gave us the professional look we were looking for without the extreme costs. 他们能够在我们进行的过程中给我们一个分解和整个过程的地图, 他们不像许多其他公司那样信口开河. I would recommend them to any company looking to expand their business on the web with the right corporate look.

Sterling Benefits

“I recommend Stone”

We at Display Pack enjoyed the process of building our new website with Stone Interactive Group. 他们帮助我们概念化了十大正规棋牌网站的外观和感觉, programmed the framework necessary and helped us convey the message that we were trying to tell. 我诚挚地向您推荐Stone. Thank you.

Display Pack

“We highly recommend them”

We were seeking direction for our Detroit Trading Exchange website and found it with Stone Interactive Group. Stone是专业和有能力的,我们强烈推荐他们.

Detroit Trading Exchange

“We’re very happy”

We hired Stone to build a new company website. As we have many different services and solutions, 花时间正确地建立十大正规棋牌网站对我们来说很重要. Since the site has been live, we’ve received many outside complements and its become an important lead generation tool for us. 我们对这个十大正规棋牌网站非常满意,并期待在未来与Stone合作.

IPD Solutions

“We were impressed”

We were impressed with how quickly and cost-effectively Stone was able to develop a microsite for us. 我们喜欢的是,当我们想要添加新内容时,十大正规棋牌网站很容易更新.

ForeSee Results

“Responsive and easy to work with”

Stone Interactive Group did a great job in working with us to redesign and upgrade our website. 他们非常清楚地概述了我们项目的范围, timing and costs – and they met those commitments. Stone团队反应迅速,易于合作,员工具有广泛的专业知识. And most important, we got the result we wanted: a redesigned website that we are proud to send clients and prospective clients to, with significant improvements in content, design, navigation, and search capability from where we started.

TSI Consulting

“The best choice out there”

Stone was a pleasure to work with on all fronts. Their responsiveness and attention to detail made the entire project run smoothly with no surprises. I found them all to be professional and I found their experience both helpful and comforting. They are the best choice out there.

Streamline Healthcare


Stone combined cutting-edge design with practical technical solutions to deliver a break-through-the-clutter website with all of the functional capabilities we needed. From client research through project management, launch and optimization, Stone helped guide us seamlessly through the complexities of our integrated site strategy to take our online presence to a higher level.

Clark Hill, PLC.

“It was a pleasure”

It was a pleasure to work with Stone. They were always accessible, sensitive to timelines and budget, and very professional in all they did. What more do you need? Stone developed a great website for our division. 我们已经开始在整个组织中越来越多地使用它们. One great thing about working with Stone Interactive Group is their full breadth of services. Our divisions are in varied stages of web-maturity, and Stone has something to offer each of them.

Flint Group

“Sleek, professional look”

By recognizing the needs of our company and our clients, Stone was able to create the ideal website. Stone gave our website the sleek, 专业的外观保证和集成简单的导航. 现在我们的现有和潜在客户可以轻松获得他们想要的信息.

York Worldwide

“Would recommend them to anyone”

We hired Stone to redesign our existing website that we felt did not properly reflect our organization anymore. Stone was incredibly accommodating to our needs with regards to both budget and project requirements. 他们对我们一路上遇到的问题和担忧都非常积极, 结果是一个我们都感觉良好的当代十大正规棋牌网站. They were able to give our site a professional look while keeping in mind what was most important to us. We enjoyed the experience of working with Stone and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to take their website to the next level.

Arboretum Ventures

“The end result speaks for itself”

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the work that Stone has done with our website. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the way that your team managed the process A-Z and kept us all moving forward. It was a relief for all of us. The end result speaks for itself. I cannot tell you how many clients have gone out of their way to brag about our website and to use it as the standard for any future work they will be doing on their website. Once again, thanks for all of your hard work. As many horror stories as there are with web companies I highly recommend that anyone is in good hands working with Stone.


“Enjoyed the entire process of working with Stone”

我们很享受与Stone合作的整个过程. 他们高效、专业、愉快地共事. They responded well to a very tight timeframe, 实际上比我们的目标日期提前完成了项目. Most importantly though, they produced a high quality website which we were all very pleased with.

Connected Vehicle Proving Center

“I am so glad we found your organization”

This website redesign has been a totally different experience with your company than in the past and we have been very pleased with the quality and timeliness of your work. I am so glad we found your organization.

Proctor Financial

“Quality, timely assistance”

我们已经与Stone Interactive合作了好几年. 他们提供十大正规棋牌网站创建十大正规棋牌网站和SEO十大正规棋牌网站. 在这两种情况下,我们都得到了他们团队的高质量、及时的帮助. They have been very responsive and have provided several innovative tools to help us get maximum leverage from our websites.

PSI Repair

“Superb job”

Stone Interactive Group在VetGen十大正规棋牌网站上做得非常出色. 他们现代化了我们的十大正规棋牌网站,使它更有功能,更吸引人的眼睛和导航. They designed the site in a manner that allows us to easily make modifications as our business changes. 过去的游客经常谈到这些改进. 新访客只是简单地对我们十大正规棋牌网站的外观和感觉印象深刻.


“You guys do amazing work.”

Marcus & Millichap

“Innovative ideas”

We are very pleased with the innovative ideas Stone Interactive Group has implemented in the design of our new website for iComparrot™. 员工在网页设计、市场营销和信息传递的各个方面都很博学. 我们采访了几位出色的开发者,并选择了Stone Interactive, because they understood what we needed, 是否总是细心地用外行的术语解释过程中的每一步.

Kapnick Insurance Group


到目前为止,我和许多商业十大正规棋牌网站的网页开发人员合作过, Stone has been the easiest to work with. 他们花时间了解我们的业务需求, 他们在我们的十大正规棋牌网站上非常灵活地与我们合作, they kept us on track, and the end result was a great looking, 受欢迎的十大正规棋牌网站,定位我们的业务竞争的未来. Their level of service has been excellent, 我们一直有一个联络点来工作, 我们要求的任何修复都及时完成了. I would highly recommend Stone and our company is delighted with the site they have produced for us.

Rainbow Child Care Centers

“Working with Stone has been stellar!”

我只是想告诉你和斯通的合作非常棒! You were very helpful, knowledgeable and patient.

Neogyn, Inc.


在我们十大正规棋牌网站上线的18个月左右, 我们一直对Stone为我们设计的作品感到兴奋. 我们喜欢它的视觉效果和功能,所以再次感谢你的工作!

Association of Medical Illustrators

“We love our website”


Grabill Windows and Doors

“Extremely impressive”

当我们决定我们的十大正规棋牌网站将成为我们营销活动的中心, 本质上是我们对潜在客户的名片, 在发现Stone之前,我们研究了许多网页设计师. The quality of work, 整个项目的熟练程度和客户十大正规棋牌网站都令人印象深刻. The end result was a professional, 独特和用户友好的十大正规棋牌网站,使我们比我们的竞争对手有明显的优势.

Pitman, Kyle & Sicula, S.C.

“Amazing job”

Stone Interactive Group对我们十大正规棋牌网站的重新设计做得很出色. 斯通开发并交付了我们所期望的按时和预算内的产品. 他们的专业和风度使与他们一起工作成为一种乐趣. 我们为我们设计良好且易于浏览的新十大正规棋牌网站感到兴奋!

Sand Point Consulting